In La Tobiana you will be able to see different types of horses that we are fortunate to have with us and that have been used and refined to participate with more and more skill in different equestrian disciplines.

If you visit us you will be able to meet our Chilean Horse, with its unmistakable “carnerada” head, its incredible courage and its incomparable resistance. It is used in our country for cattle work and for the practice of “rodeo”, our national sport, and the movement of the rein.

We also have with us the Arabian Horse, the purest and probably the oldest of all the races in the world, which will always be admired for its incomparable beauty. Owner of such harmonious movements, this animal seems to float with total lightness, as if driven by invisible springs. The Arab has speed, strength, endurance and good health, traits that have allowed him to excel in equestrian enduro.

Its role in the development and improvement of other equine breeds around the world is unparalleled.

La Tobiana also has the English Thoroughbred, an animal of great beauty and presence. This racehorse has extraordinary drive, desire, and determination to be first. This trait is innate to him and is reminiscent of his past life in freedom and his "fight or run" instinct. Made up of a thin and lean head, rectilinear profile, large expressive eyes and dilated nostrils, the English thoroughbred is considered by many connoisseurs to be the best equine athlete in the world.

Also with us is the quarter mile, the oldest American race of all. This horse was bred to run at high speed and is still the fastest sprinter out there to this day. In the western states of the USA, his speed, agility, intelligence and his ability to make amazing turns in very little space make him a magnificent ranch horse.

We are happy with the presence of horses classified as Warmblood, or temperate blood. The modern Warm-blooded horse is a mixture of "hot-blooded" (like the Arab or English thoroughbred) with "cold-blooded" (horses to work the fields). The result is a large saddle horse, with a springy gait, an attractive appearance and a docile character. Among the main breeds are the Oldenburg, Hanoverian, Trakehner, Holsteiner, KWPN (Dutch), French Saddle and Belgian warm blood among others that currently excel in show jumping and dressage competitions.

We invite you to meet this beautiful creature with powerful limbs and a long, elastic stride.

All these incredible types of horses, or mixtures of them, are currently a source of entertainment through the practice of different equestrian sports or simply being our faithful companions on country rides. All of them make our life better, no doubt.

We invite you to meet these beautiful creatures with powerful limbs and long, elastic strides.
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