Once we arrive to the place, and after the corresponding greetings and presentations, we will go to the riding arena that we have, which is located a few meters from our stables. There we will prepare and adjust all our necessary implements to be able to go out for a ride through the countryside. We will adjust stirrups, check girths and bridles and we will take a few laps in the arena to re-loosen the horses a little and that you become familiar with him and he with you. After this and our introductory talk, when we feel ready we will start our journey.

The first part of the circuit that we have prepared, passes through a pasture planted with ryegrass, where, while traveling through it, we can have a beautiful view of the Villarica or Rucapillán volcano. We will ride around this pasture for several minutes.

After going around this sector, we will go down on our horses to see the pristine waters of the Liucura River (White Stone), an incredible river that rises on the southern slopes of the Nevados de Caburgua and flows into the Trancura River (Noise of Stones) .

After contemplating for a few moments the beautiful bed of this river, we will go back up to the upper meadows following a path that leads us through hectares sown with clover and ryegrass forage, which we use to feed our animals, heading to the entrance of the ranch , from where we can now see the Villarica volcano and the Mocho or Quetrupillán volcano closer and with greater clarity.

Later, we will go down again to now head towards the Coilaco River, where we will have the opportunity to know its cold waters in a very special place where the flow of this stream makes a turn. Then we will return to our main path to go through a wonderful native oak forest, where we will be able to see some natural obstacles that we have set up to practice in our spare time a bit of crosscountry and some jumps to also train equestrian jumping.

Once we leave the forest, we will go out into the open field again to go to see a centenary and huge “Pellín”, old and solid oak with a curious “door” in its trunk that is still a mystery where it can transport you. After observing this impressive tree, we will head towards the stables riding between Angus cows that are breed in the ranch, sheep and beautiful pastures that have been sown.

Upon returning to the boxes, we will dismount, say goodbye to our horses and enjoy a coffee, tea or drink where we can comment on the, we hope, great moment we had.


This ride is designed for all people, but perhaps it is better suited for children and those who are doing their first riding experiences and who come looking for something perhaps a little more relaxed and recreational.

After the welcome and introductions that we mentioned earlier (please see Two Rivers route), we will go horseback riding through the pasture in front of our stables, from which there is a spectacular view of the Villarica volcano. This tour can be done with a guide helping from the ground, or everyone on his horse, all with the idea of ​​enjoying this really easy and harmonious route.

The ride surrounds the main pasture of the ranch, which is made up of beautiful meadows planted with ryegrass combined with the presence of centenary oaks. This place has very beautiful hills, which are so typical of our country and helps to break the monotony of the landscape and make it even more attractive.

During the course of this ride we will come to see a really huge and special oak, which has a pronounced crack in its trunk that makes it very mysterious. After contemplating it, we will return to the stables amid cows, sheep and incredible views of the Caburgua peaks and the Cañi Mountain Range.

All in a magical countryside environment
through the native forest
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